Monday, October 19, 2015

Resource Link Brisbane - NCRCN conference visit

First session of the NCRCN September 2015 conference was a visit to Catholic Education Office'  - Brisbane resource centre  - ResourceLink.

The Resource Link centre is a multifaceted resource centre that provides and creates resources to support learning across the Brisbane diocese.  A team with diverse skills relating to libraries and education and multimedia work together to deliver information and resources and to meet 21st Century learning by:

  • Creating best practice videos
  • Developing online modules for teachers to support curriculum integration
  • Utilising concept design guidelines with educators to create best practice resources
  • Value adding to resources 
  • Providing advice and expertise on the best technology option to provide professional learning
  • Professional learning workshops - Big Day Out for Teacher Librarians

The Library has an inviting open learning hub of multipurpose spaces where staff can meet, collaborate, brainstorm or just quietly read.
In addition there is a high end video editing suite with access to video camera's, lighting, mixers etc.

Professional learning module resources are available generally on their staff intranet only for Brisbane professional development.
However the centre does have a valuable web presence/resources with Religious Education resources accessible to the general public and other education organisations at:
as well as a blog at
They also have a Google+ community
Apart from video creation they work with a range of Web 2.0 technologies choosing the best tool for the task.  Some examples are Videoscribe, Padlet, Flipboard and Piktochart.

Online learning pedagogy
Their online learning pedagogy is driven by work from and with Dr Hilary Hughes
and Dr Mandy Lupton.

This first session of our conference was a very valuable one in looking at 21st century library services and connecting with the creative, intelligent and skilled staff in Kerry Rush's team.

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